Message from CEO

Welcome to Speak Up, the Anglo American Group’s independent and confidential reporting service, managed by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous.

Integrity and accountability are core values for us at Anglo American Group. Earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders by living by these values is fundamental to the success of our Group.

Since 2001, our Speak Up facility has provided a confidential and secure means for our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to report and raise concerns about practices or conduct that is contrary to our values and principles.

Each of us has an obligation to raise issues of concern that could potentially affect our people, our business or its reputation. Speak Up was established for that purpose, so do not be afraid to use it.

Each year we receive around 300 alerts that, after investigation, can lead to disciplinary action, tightening up of processes, termination of contracts, and even criminal proceedings.

Be assured that retaliation, harassment or intimidation against any employee who raises concerns in good faith will not be tolerated. Should employees experience any form of retaliation as a result of using Speak Up, we will investigate and take appropriate action.

Thousands of employees come to work each day to provide for themselves, their families and to make a positive difference to Anglo American Group, the places where we operate and the people with whom we interact. Unfortunately, there will always be those who by design or otherwise can undermine this good work. Use Speak Up secure in the knowledge that the issue you raise will be dealt with independently and confidentially.

Mark Cutifani
Chief Executive