What happens to my report ?

Step 1:

The whistleblower contacts Speak Up via telephone, website, email, post or fax.

Note: If the report is submitted to a live operator or via email or this website, a reference number will be provided which can be used to request feedback on actions taken. If a voice recording service, post or fax is used, feedback will only be possible if contact details are provided as part of the message submitted.

Step 2:

Where possible a Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Ethics Consultant liaises with the whistleblower to obtain as much information as possible relating to their concern. The service supports multiple languages.

Step 3:

A Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Report Analyst sanitises the whistle-blower’s report, by removing your name and any contact details that may enable the identity of the whistleblower to be disclosed.

Step 4:

The report is passed on by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous to Anglo American Group management for review. Within 14 days from receipt, the Group provides feedback regarding the report to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous, who will then ensure that it is stored securely and made available should the whistleblower request feedback. Feedback may be accessed by phoning or emailing the call centre and quoting the reference number if relevant. If the report was made via the website, it is also possible to access the feedback by logging on using the reference number provided on report submission.