Your protection

Question: I want to report what I know, but will I suffer reprisal?

  • The Anglo American Group will not tolerate any form of retaliation against employees raising concerns in good faith.
  • At Anglo American Group we are committed to conducting our business in a way that is consistent with our values and principles.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you're an employee, contractor, customer, supplier, manager or shareholder - we want to know when you see things that concern you about the way in which the Group and its people do business. Speak Up provides you with an easy and secure way for you to tell us about your concerns.

Question: I want to report what I know, but will I remain anonymous?

  • You have the choice to remain anonymous when reporting.
  • Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous has a contractual obligation with the Anglo American Group to protect the identity of the person making the report and you are not required to give your name or other details that could enable you to be identified.
  • Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous will sanitise the information by removing your contact details and identity from the report before forwarding the information to Anglo American Group management for analysis.
  • You can choose your reporting method to further protect your identity e.g. submit your information using the postal address; do not use your work computer or work phone to submit your reports.
  • Our focus is on the information you may have - not your identity.

Anglo American Group Policies

Please click the links below to view the appropriate Anglo American Group policies in full.

Name of policy: Link to policy:
Anglo American Group Whistleblowing Policy [Open - Anglo American Group Whistleblowing Policy]
Anglo American Group Business Integrity Policy [Open - Anglo American Group Business Integrity Policy]


The following legislation from South Africa and the UK is illustrative of the legal protection afforded to whistleblowers. Similar legislation exists in other jurisdictions: we will be updating this section with summaries of relevant legislation in due course.

Name of act: Link to act:
South Africa: Protected Disclosures Act 2000 [Open - South Africa: Protected Disclosures Act 2000]

South Africa: Protected Disclosures Act 2000

The Act provides for the protection of employees from being subjected to victimisation on account of having made a disclosure which is protected in terms of the Act. Full text of the act may be found by clicking on the above link.

Name of act: Link to act:
United Kingdom: Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 [Open - United Kingdom: Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998]

United Kingdom: Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

The Act protects workers from detrimental treatment or victimisation from their employer if, in the public interest, they blow the whistle on wrongdoing.

Note that the above are only brief summaries of the potentially relevant legislation. Specific legal advice should always be sought in respect of the application of such legislation to any particular scenario.

Please be aware, however, that it might not be possible to fully investigate your concerns without knowing who you are. Should this situation arise, we will ask Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous to explain the situation and invite you to disclose your identity. You will not be under any obligation to do so, but if you do please be assured that your identity will be disclosed only to those individuals who need to know for proper investigation of your concerns and kept strictly confidential.